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I'm going to sing the DOOM Song now!!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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cant sleep.. [18 May 2007|01:29am]
why is it that i only care to update this damn thing when i can't sleep. So this is the fourth night in a row, i've been wide away. I got abotu 4 and a half houes of rest last night and 20minutes tonight before i woke up again.

I go to SOS next week for training in Boston!! woohoo i'm wicked exicited the only thing is going to be the pain in the ass commute into boston, which means im going to leave my house at 6:30 and just wait outside the hotel.

me and sean are going on a trip to good ol new jersey in a few weeks!! i'm wicked exicited!! Six Flags baby!!! it will be nice for our 2 and a half years.

thats it. maybe i can sleep now?
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[16 May 2007|01:55am]
wow i havent updated in a million years. I'm happy. Yes just plain old happy. I love my new job.. I play with makeup all day for 9 to 10hours. I love my new volkswagon bettle its the cutest thing in the world. I love not being in school or being stressed! I love being in love still. I am happy. that's all for an update.
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Must Sleep...rawr [27 Nov 2006|01:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

i cant sleep, i need to get up at 6:20am.. and thats not good. I've missed soo many morning shows that i just dont want to miss anymore. Im stressed and i havent updated in a while. I hurt my back last night while i was sleeping and i called into work, i betcha dawn thinks im lying, but its been hurting all day. I need to get it checked out. this semseter almost over! i cant wait to go home and just relax. Things with the apartment are moving futher and futher away then what i want them to be at, but oh well. i dont make enough money to get an apartment anyways. I love to work, but i wish i could just make more money. i cant wait to go back home, and relax no realy responabilities. I might start to party more with mikey and tre and get sean to party along with me lol. yea right, i love his values and morals about partying. its almost 2 years, i have no idea where the time went. it just seems like yesterday we were throwing knives on dean ave, i really dont want to be with anyone else but him still so thats good. i need to sleep but i cant, i swear its stress thats killing me, i might just stay up and pull an all nighter, hmm... maybe if i can finish up my paper tonight and just leave it to the guys to finish up the audio project. Yeah, a half hour project that's due on tuesday and i have just under 15minutes.. great...

things have been good lately. I've been happy, i love the winter!i love hot cooco, christmas, getting ready for christmas, sending out cards, gift wrapping, egg nog, fireplaces, snowflakes. i wanna build a really big snowman this year, one the size of me, with a carrot nose and a top hat, and i want it to have a pair of falsies on. haha.. i wish..

wow, its a good update.. i cant wait to be outta this school, im kinda sick of school. i took on too much and im wearing myself down day after day... oh well.. i'll figure out a good balance one of these days..


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hmmm.. [15 Oct 2006|04:43am]
the past few weeks have been amazing.. im working like crazy with school, radio, work and sean. I love how things are going.. i shoul really be looking at schools to transfer to and be figuring out where to go within the year or so.. i really want to go to beauty school while taking part time classes, but being part time doesnt give you good scholarships at all. All i know is I want to move outta school and move into an apartment with my love and start my life, with working hard, i want to have the points of struggleing to make ends meat, i want to have things not so perfect. i enjoy a challenge. I've been working like CRAZY!!! and i worked in my first haunted house thanks to sean! it was soo much fun, i def. love being on the other side of things instead of being scared. I dont know whats going on for halloween, i dont really care too much, i have way too many things on my plate to be concerned about.. anyways.. i do love my life more than i should and its amazing!!!!!!!!!
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been awhile... [23 Aug 2006|07:53pm]
so its really been a whiles since i've updated! there has been soo much going on! First, me and sean have been together for 20months!! i love him! i went to mytrle beach with my family, loved it! i am finally completely moved into my rom in bourett! I am on duty tonight im exicited, i havent been on duty in sooo long!! and i got a new job at the portait studio!! im wicked exicited about that, its the second job that i've walked in and got on the spot! i cant wait for ca training to start, i wanna get into my classes, i miss radio.. im suppose to be having an e and m show on friday.. ugh.. im exicited, but im also going to be dead.... lol.. oh welll..

thats about it, ntohing more has happend..
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argggggggggg [08 Aug 2006|06:58pm]
a 89.3 is final grade so that equals diane having to take the final tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

89.3!!! im soo mad...

now i have to pack... ugh
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[29 Jul 2006|12:08am]
So im on duty... and im on by myself.. lovely lol... anyways.. i've been up and down lately. i've relyed more and more on sean. im going to myrtel beach in like 2weeks with my ma,dad and sean.. im wicked exicited.. i need this vacation.. no woho no aspect.. nothing.. just me, my mom, dad and the beach. i cant wait for the drive down there. it should be so nice! its lovely when im duty by myself. anyways.. i think i might go and do a round.. woot..
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blah.. [18 Jul 2006|11:15am]
so last night i had a massive headache so i slept for a very long time.. lol.. and now i have to go to woho at 1pm which means i could go into work for about an hour.. which i need the money, but i dont want to work.. i just dont.. my room is still a mess! i hate moving!! and i do have to get an oil change and probably should grab some real food to eat. my check is in my account and im wicked happy about it!! maybe i'll go into work tomarrow.. i just need one more day off..
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Small Makeup Sale! [13 Jun 2006|11:53pm]
Hey ladies and gents!
I cleaned out my makeup case and I came across eyeshadow I have either A.) have never seen.. or B.) have never really used. So enjoy!!

Read more...Collapse )
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[29 May 2006|01:15am]
so things are good. me and sean are going to prom on wednesday im wicked exicited. my art teacher send me a an email... my grade is an A- that makes me happy. i wanna snuggle with my boy, but im back at school and hes at home. poo.

nothing too much goin on.. that is all..
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[22 May 2006|12:25am]
so this past weekend was crazy! mikey was in vegas my rents in canada and me and sean at my house all weekend! it was really nice to actually spend time with him i loved it! we had sooo much fun! i lovehim more than anything! now im back at school and i love my room i love the fact that i didnt have to move outta my room. too bad i have work tomarrow and have to start getting in the swing of things. its alright, i'll live. things are soo good lately. i send an email to my proff. and she was like, yes diane your right your grade isnt that. woot! i have a grade change! woot! anyways, im going to do something... who knows
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[15 May 2006|11:22am]
so im wicked aggravated... all semseter i've had a b average in my frickin intro to visual arts class, awesome. I'd always have my work in on time and get decent grades on the quizzes, homeworks, ect... and now i have a C+ for my final grade, that doesnt make any fucking sense considering that 2 weeks ago, i asked her what my overall average was and she told me B+. I know i did fine on the final, because it was like the same one from the midterm and i got an 97 on that. im wicked pissed how can you go from having a B+ to a C+ in a matter of 2-3 weeks when i handed in everything that needed to be. it pisses me off wicked bad. fucking hell. besides that i got the only A in any of Shakers video classes, an A in comp and lit, public speaking was a B+, and radio a B+. i should be happy about the other grades but im not, im pissed at the intro to video... damn it!

now im pissed....
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stolen from beth cause i am bored... [11 May 2006|04:27pm]
Open iTunes and fill out this survey,
no matter how embarassing the responses might be.

How many songs: 1448

Sort by song title:
First Song: "Scarifice" Poision
Last Song: "Zumbi" Soulfly

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: 0:07- My Name is Mud- Primus
Longest Song:"Calgone" Incubus
Sort by album:
First album: ...Just Take Notice- Hope in Silence
Last album: " WHo is this is, Voodoo Glow Skulls
Top Five Most Played Songs:
1. "F****T" MSI
2. "Futures" MSI
3. "Boomin'" MSI
4. "Point the Blame" Catch 22
5. "Better Together" Jack Johnson

First song that comes up on Shuffle:
"Someday I Suppose- Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death: 6
Life: 41
Love: 22
Hate: 4
You: 76

wow that was fun!
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[09 May 2006|12:34am]
so i should be working on my public speaking final.. but i dont want to, its too depressing. anyways, i've been soo busy this weekend, i collasped a few times. not good, but whatever the shits gotta get done. i've decided next year im not going to take soo much on, i love what i do with ca and pd but i might not work for student ambassors or at aspect. although both jobs are soo much fun i cant take working 3 jobs to get a shit paycheck thats gone in one week. i need more income, i hate how the worl revoles around money. i wish that the deal will go thru then i wont have to worry about anything. i just want to rant and rave on and on, but i cant... im wicked exicited to be here this summer, no more living at home for me, i dont think i'm ever going to move back in my house completly, i want to be off on my own. maybe, hopefully that will happen in a year or two, live in boston, go to class, work, come home do dishes, go to sleep with sean. i live such a dream live. wow, i have no attention span.

my weekend, was amazing, e and m to kick it off was awesome, worked, went to class, worked some more, then went to the mall with sean got some new underwear, went to the live remote had sooo much fun with eric and mike and chris! i love those guys, i dont know what i would do without them, went and got sean, collasped at his house, just fell on to his bed and was knocked out i dont think he knew what t do lol... went to my house, worked on my english final for a few hours, went to bed, got up did the walk for hunger, all 20miles. it was amazing, got to spend a full afternoon with my sean. then i came home ate and got dropped back here. sean stayed with me for a little bit which was awesome, i love him! i can't believe its going to be 16months that we've been together. i dont want anyone else. its tooo great and tooo much fun with him.

i was on duty tonight and now its 12:45 and i still have to write my ps speech, i think im going to go and do that, i need the motivation too.. ugh.. a tired diane=cranky diane
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[24 Apr 2006|02:30pm]
so i've made a conclusion..

... im not dealing with life today...

i'll be back tomarrow
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never ending pile of work... [23 Apr 2006|07:21pm]
So, classes end in like 2weeks, im wicked exicited but i not at all. this passed week i've had soo much to do and a good part of it didnt get done. im sick as always nothing new. but i just want my classes to be done and over with. i dont wanna write a paper. i dont wannna read a few chapters out of a book i have no intentions of finding. i dont wanna do this or that. i wanna stand in the middle of my room and scream on the top of my lungs and ignore everything! Sean came over last night and helped me out with a ton of my homework. he helped me clean and organize everything.with out him helping me last night i would still be doing work. this week is going to be awful, i have classes, meetings, housing, work, tours, field trips, homework and the same out bullshit. i can't wait for the summer,not like im really going anywhere. but i cant wait for my summer classes. i cant wait for next spring to have a lighter load. im soo exicited to start my application process and apply to bigger and better schools and hopefully become on RA there instead of a CA. higher ed, is always a bright outlook for me because i love planning and i love being around and working in professional like groups! yay!! wow this is a long rant but i need it. i love my run on sentences and fragments and my misspelled words, i love the fact that im duty in a half an hour and dont wanna move.

moving on to bigger and better things....

... its fucking cold in my roooommm
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[12 Apr 2006|12:37am]
i have a paper due tomarrow, i have less than two pages to go and i havent wrote a sentence in 25minutes... please motivate me...

....stupid othello..
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SouthEastern New England's Hottest Rock.... [11 Apr 2006|12:08pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

yea, im a nerd so fucking love it! anyways, today started out wicked shitty. but thats alright because about 80 different things happen to make me wicked exicited and turning my mood completely around, i should probably clean up my room for my tour, cause im in a good mood... maybe not...

anyways, i really hope i can pull my average up just a little bit before the end of the semster, hopefully, i'll just need to kickass durning finals, i wish i wasnt so fucking depressed this semster. tomarrow is going to be rough, but i can pull through, i alway have and always will.

anyways, i gotta work on my resume before class, im wicked exicited!

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ekkkkkkkkk! [03 Apr 2006|03:17pm]
[ mood | determined ]

This weekend was more than amazing!!! i fucking love it!!! Friday was rad, i went out with sean's mom and dad shopping at the bead store which was more than amazing fun! then me and sean went out to eat at Ruby's which we had awesome service and the food was great!! then we went and saw ice age two! which of course was amazing! then on saturday, we went to the taunton library, they didnt have what i needed, but atleast i got something for my project thats due tomarrow, haha. Saturday night was the rob zombie show which was insanely awesome, i had sooo much fun, i needed it. then to ihop and then back here, which me and sean didnt get back here til about 4am. on sunday was the awards thing, which was pretty good, i had fun, the whole fam came down, lol, my mom, mikey, dad and uncle. then we went out to eat and to barnes and noble. so it was exiciting.

but, now, i sit here and look at all the stuff i have to get done and i can feel the stress level rising, i am on duty tonight, but hopefully i can get everything done, i might just head to the libray, that would be good. after the morning show, i just feel asleep til about.. 11:40 and missed english, oh well, its only my second class that i missed. so work must get done. gah

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story of my life... [27 Mar 2006|06:57pm]
...tired, bored?.. haha.. wow, today has seem like its gone on forever!! ekk!! im almost dead, i dont wanna be, but i think i am. i have a lot of stuff but i dont at the same time. i want this night to be over so i can go to bed early tonight. i cant wait to be finishing up this semster, its almost over, i'm almost there!! i cant wait, now i just gotta figure out where to live next year, either lucey(doubtful), Dean(maybe) or Adams again. I dunno, i have to wait to figure out where everyone else goes.woohooo.. but besides that, i got nothing. just my never ending pile of my work.... and also the start of applying to schools, again. gah, shoot me!
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